OIRASE KAMAKURA Dome Snow Hut Restaurant

Opening Period
Open from December 22nd, 2023, to the middle of March 2024.

You can eat and relax
in the fantastic atmosphere.

The restaurant opens for a limited time from December to March to experience and enjoy the winter that changes depending on the weather such as white silver snow, heavy snow, and drifting snow. Inside a warm “KAMAKURA Dome,” we serve lunch using various local ingredients and afternoon tea. Enjoy “Aomori Winter KAMAKURA Meal” in a private space reserved for each group of guests.

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About KAMAKURA Dome Restaurant

Open from December 22nd, 2023, to the middle of March 2024.

How to spend time at the KAMAKURA Dome

  • Please take off your shoes before entering the dome.
  • No lighting fire or smoking inside the KAMAKURA Dome
  • An IH stove for a pot will be provided
  • When ventilating, please open the entrance and ventilation window.
  • Each dome is chartered for a group of guests.
  • If you have any additional orders or questions, please call the staff at the call bell.

About the temperature inside the dome and clothing

  • Inside the dome, electrical appliances such as electric carpet and hot air heater are ready for use, but the room temperature depends on the weather on that day.
  • If there is sunshine during the day, you can stay warm even without a heater.
  • When it is cloudy or the temperature outside is low, you may feel chilly, particularly in the evening.
  • Please bring coats or wear an extra layer of clothing in your room so that you can be prepared for the cold and warm weather.


Open from December 22nd, 2023, to the middle of March 2024.
<Closed> Wednesdays and New Year holidays from December 30 to January 2

Limited to two groups per dayReservations for lunch (11:00-13:00/11:30-13:30)
and afternoon tea (14:30-16:30/14:45-16:45)

The number of domes is limited, so please make sure to book in advance.
Please select a dish from the reservation button below and book two days in advance on the reservation website.
<Cancellation policy>
The day before: 50% of the price
 / On the day: 100% of the price

OIRASE KAMAKURA Dome Snow Hut Restaurant